miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2007


Aliform Publishing

Isbn: 0-9707652-1-5
Translated by Jay Anthony Miskowiec

Colombian writer Eduardo García Aguilar captures here the unseen side of the great cities of the world. From Paris, Stockholm and Rome to Mexico City, Antigua and San Francisco, from the garrets of lovers in Europe to the killing fields of civil wars in the Americas, from the beautiful bodies of youth to the nostalgia of old age, we witness these luminous urbs through the eyes of a "professional foreigner." Artist Santiago Rebolledo illustrates each of these stories with his own vision of the metropolis.
After finishing studies in political economy at the University of Paris, García Aguilar (Manizales, Colombia, 1953) moved to Mexico City to work as a journalist, eventually becoming assistant director of Agence France-Presse. I n the late '90s he returned to Paris, where he currently works at Latin American desk for AFP. He has also had a prolific literary career—two collections of short stories, two collections of poetry, three novels, including El Viaje Triunfal, winner of the 1993 Premio Ernesto Sábato, and book-length studies of his compatriots Álvaro Mutis and Gabriel García Márquez. His critical analysis of globalism and the Zapatista movement, Mexico Madness: Manifesto for a Disenchanted Generation, was published last year by Aliform.
Publisher: Aliform
In English
184 pages